A beautiful smile changes everything!


Dr. J and his staff have harnessed the power of digital scanning to overcome the inherent challenges associated with traditional impressions. In other words, "No More Gunk"!

The Lythos Digital Impression System is a handheld intraoral three-dimensional (3D) imager intended for the use inside the human oral cavity to digitally capture the 3D topography of teeth, gingival, and/or palate in clinical settings. It is intended to replace traditional impression materials, which are the current standard for orthodontic recording. And ADVANCE ORTHODONTICS has this technology literally at their finger tips.

  • A single high resolution scan allows for a dual-arch capture in an average of 7 minutes to capture data with speed and ease.
  • The smaller wand tip and ability to capture data in a wet environment (no messy powders or coating), resulting in less patient discomfort and chair time and allows operators to access the posterior easily, maximizing patient comfort.
  • Digital impressions for every patient can be stored for up to 10 years.